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Panasonic Opens ‘cloud9 Innovation Centre’ In US


Panasonic says its Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America, a Panasonic group company, has opened the cloud9 Innovation Centre featuring its partnership with best-in-class complementary technology companies with which it works to deliver integrated, turnkey solutions for building electronics products.

Cloud9 highlights several total line solutions combining Industry 4.0 functionality, award-winning hardware and software, and process expertise with world-class support.

Faisal Pandit, President, Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America, stated “The opening of cloud9 is a game-changer for us… We expanded our total line solutions capability and it’s now about the entire process, the entire line. We have partnered with over thirty complementary technology suppliers and brought them together in cloud9. On top of that, PanaCIM®, our enterprise-level software allows us to integrate the entire line and offer a single solution to our customers.”

Over 50 manufacturers attended the grand opening, participated in twelve dedicated technology demonstrations, discovered future new product and technology introductions, and experienced three technology seminars during the two day event. Shawn Robinson, Sr. SMT Product Manager, furthered, “cloud9 truly allows any customer to dive deep into specific applications or see everything Panasonic brings to the table at the Innovation Centre. Even though you may not see the Panasonic name on the smart phone you use, the electric vehicle you drive, or the TV you watch… Panasonic equipment is critical in assembling the products that you buy every day.”

Panasonic chose cloud9 as the name for the Innovation Centre because the term means a state of perfect happiness. It reflects on their mission to provide customers with smart factory solutions, IoT manufacturing connectivity, and ultimate customer satisfaction. “PanaCIM integration brings visibility to the entire factory and reduces a manufacturer’s total investment, pain points, and management aspects significantly”, continued Mr Pandit, “The future of PanaCIM is all about connectivity and cloud9 will be a huge value add for our customers in the long run.”

Panasonic is also planning to install Factory Automation (FA) showrooms in Bangkok, Jakarta and Hanoi to expand FA business globally.

Experience “cloud9 Innovation Centre”

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