Published On: Fri, May 19th, 2017

Kirusa InstaVoice: Missed Call and Voicemail Management

The Kirusa InstaVoice App provides free and unlimited visual missed call alert, voicemail and voice SMS all in one app to connect you with your friends even when you are busy, out of coverage or switched off, in a simple user friendly interface. Moreover, with InstaVoice you can send text, image or voice message to anyone even if they don’t have the InstaVoice App.

With the InstaVoice app, you never miss a call. The App captures and notifies you of missed calls from friends, family and colleagues that happened while you were busy on another call, out of network coverage, on flight mode and even when your phone was turned off entirely. More so, you can call back or respond with a voice or text message, directly from the app.

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With the Voicemail feature of the app, your callers can now leave you voicemails after they tried calling when you were unavailable. From the app, you can easily listen to these voicemails and respond with a single tap.

The app also allows you send voice messages to any member of your contact list, even those who do not have the app, including feature phone users.  Additionally, the App allows sent voicemails to be withdrawn at your request, from your mailbox. And to create a better experience for your callers, you can record a personalized welcome message for them to listen to before leaving their voicemails.

InstaVoice is a valuable tool for every smart phone user, be it the high flying executive, upwardly mobile professional or even the career homemaker. It is suitable for people of all ages; young and old.  It is especially instrumental to busy business executives and frequent travelers who are often away from their local carrier network coverage area.

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In addition to receiving notification via SMS, you can also request to receive missed calls alerts and voicemails via your email from the InstaVoice App to suit your preference, thanks to the user-friendly, interactive and flexible App. More so, you can manage missed calls and voicemails on multiple SIMs or phone numbers in the same app, and can use the App on several devices.

The App is easily accessible, it can be downloaded from Google Playstore store, Apple Appstore and BBM at no cost. In Nigeria, the App is available across most of the networks, so the colour themes vary across the networks; for instance red for Airtel, and black for Etisalat.

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